Stornoway Half Marathon

The time lapse

The elevation

The map

The goody bag:
  • Medal
  • Metal Water Bottle
  • Banana
  • Water
  • (I left immediately after the race so I do not know if there was anything else organised)

Landscape : 5/10 The first part was not really interesting, but the second part really nice.

Non Repeating Route : 9/10  Only a 500m part in common

Difficulty : 6/10 Mostly flat. Some decent uphill parts.

Easy to visit : 9/10 Easy to travel. Long drive from central belt.

Easy to participate : 8/10 Do not know if there is a limit, but very easy compared to the other heb3 races.

Facilities/Organization : 10/10  Really I can not thing of anything negative.

Good for personal best: 6/10 Not really, there are other races for that.

Will do it again  : probably.