Glasgow Half Marathon

The time lapse

The elevation

The route

The goody bag:

  • Medal
  • T-shirt
  • Water
  • Bars

Overall :

Landscape : 8/10 A varied landscape from city center to parks

Non Repeating Route : 9/10  Not really repeating. There are a couple of places that you visit twice

Difficulty : 4/10 Quite easy route.

Easy to visit : 10/10 Very easy to visit.

Easy to participate : 10/10 Have not found any limit in numbers

Facilities/Organization : 10/10 Nothing negative I could think of.

Good for personal best: 5/10 Generally flat but it is not the best for a PB

Will do it again  : Yes. Compared to the EMF I have found the route a lot better than Edinburgh and people are a lot more supportive. Between the two I would always choose Glasgow