Stirling Half Marathon

First time running in Stirling. Both start and finish are inside the city (which is nice) and the landscape is quite beautiful. I think I found the best settings for the gopro videos.

Weather was nice. It was raining at the end but if I were a bit faster my friends would not wait in the rain a lot.

The goody bag:

  • nice light blue t-shirt
  • nice medal (the full marathon I think is better, but they deserve it I guess)

Route Time Lapse

Route elevation

Route map

Overall :

  • Landscape : 6/10 Inside the city it is nice. A little better before and during the loop
  • Non Repeating Route : 5/10 Almost half of it is the same
  • Difficulty : 2/10 Flat.
  • Easy to visit 10/10 In events like this with lots of runners might have problems parking
  • Easy to participate 10/10 
  • Facilities/Organization 10/10  
  • Good for personal best: 8/10
  • Will do it again  : yes.