Black Rock 5

5 Miles around the rock when the sea level is low. Unique race.

Race Time Lapse


Route Map

The goody bag:

  • Banana
  • Beer

Overall :

  • Landscape : 9/10 Nice village and running on the beach when the sea level has fallen
  • Non Repeating Route : 5/10 Loop around the rock. It will not really spoil the race
  • Difficulty : 3/10 Flat. Little uphill. Could have too much water and wind
  • Easy to visit 10/10 Very close to Edinburgh
  • Easy to participate : 8/10 Numbers are limited and gone almost instantly
  • Facilities/Organization 10/10  Small race no need for anything special
  • Good for personal best: 3/10 Not really ideal when running on sand and water
  • Will do it again  : Yes