Although not a half marathon, it is a very popular race in Edinburgh. 13.1 Kilometers starting from Ocean Terminal to Murrayfield stadium. Most of the route is through cycle paths. Slightly uphill all the way. The two annoying bits are between 2nd and 3rd km where you have to go through all the paths of a park and the last bit at Murrayfield where you have an extra kilometer around the stadium.

the video of the route. A km is not recorded and I dont know why.

the elevation of the route

The route

Overall :

  • Landscape : 5/10 Through parks in the city. Nice but not special.
  • Non Repeating Route : 9/10 
  • Difficulty : 3/10 
  • Easy to visit 10/10 
  • Easy to participate 10/10 
  • Facilities/Organization 10/10  
  • Good for personal best: 6/10
  • Will do it again  : yes.