Bulloch - Clydebank Half Marathon

The most challenging part of this, was going to Clydebank early in the morning the day that clocks went forward. The weather was fine. Stupid mistake with my go pro, I had the video in high definition and I got a SD Error. I just have a few minutes of footage which is actually the best part of the route.

Not sure it the Union Canal reaches all the way to Bulloch but he route started in a similar landscape for  5 or so KM. That raised expectations for the rest of the route, which in most of the way it was in cycle-paths but not as impressive as the start.

The route was quite flat, good for achieving a fast time. No medal given at the end. Instant official result at the finish line!

The route 

The elevation

Overall :

  • Landscape : 5/10 Stared great but average most of it.
  • Non Repeating Route : 10/10 
  • Difficulty : 4/10 
  • Easy to visit : 10/10 
  • Easy to participate : 8/10 Limited number of runners (500)
  • Facilities/Organization : 10/10  
  • Good for personal best: 6/10
  • Will do it again  : Probably yes.