Glentress Trail Race

This was my first trail race and it was a lot harder than I expected. We were lucky as a couple of weeks before there was heavy snow, and the week after severe weather alerts for the whole country.

Unaware of what a trail race is I did not aim for a specific time, just walk as less as possible. I had not run a race with a backpack before and it was inconvenient, especially at the start.

The route in time lapse:

The part where it is very shaky, it is either uphill or the ground not smooth and my pace is random.

At the end you get a medal and a buff

The route on the map

The elevation

Overall :
  • Landscape : 8/10 It is a beautiful mountain and the route goes through all the places a half marathon can go  
  • Non Repeating Route : 9/10 Starts and finishes at the same spot and there is only one place that you visit again.
  • Difficulty : 7/10 (as a trail race)
  • Easy to visit : 10/10 Really an hour from Edinburgh
  • Easy to participate : 10/10
  • Facilities/Organization : 10/10 
  • Will do it again  : YES. Will have better training though