Harris Half Marathon

The Timelapse Video

The Elevation

The Route

The goody bag:

  • Medal
  • Mars bar
  • Soups and sandwiches
  • Water/Juice/Coffee/Tea
  • Ceilidh after the race

Overall :

Landscape : 10/10 Hills, Sea, Lakes in all combinations
Non Repeating Route : 10/10  Bus takes you to the start. No part of the route repeated
Difficulty : 9/10 So far the hilliest of my runs.
Easy to visit : 8/10 ferries to Tarbert , Stornoway and Leverburgh
Easy to participate : 8/10 Have not found any limit in numbers
Facilities/Organization : 10/10 Nothing negative I could think of.
Good for personal best: 3/10 Not really. 
Will do it again  : yes.

Barrathon 2018

The time lapse video

The elevation

The route

The goody bag:
  • Medal
  • Candy
  • Fruit
  • Water
  • AMAZING buffet

Overall :

Landscape : 10/10 Barra is from the most beautiful islands I have seen. The route goes around the island. The only places you need to visit apart from the half marathon to visit the full island is Vatersay and the airport
Non Repeating Route : 10/10  Only a few meters are being run twice.
Difficulty : 8/10 Virtually no flat parts. Either uphill or downhill. Mile 11 is one to remember. Difficult not to be tempted to walk it
Easy to visit : 5/10 Ferry once a day from Oban. Ferry from Eriskay. There is the airport as well.
Easy to participate : 2/10 200 places and you have to be very fast to register.
Facilities/Organization : 10/10  Really I can not thing of anything negative.
Good for personal best: 4/10 No because of mile 11. The rest is easier than it looks but that part will slow you down a lot.
Will do it again  : yes.

Stornoway Half Marathon

The time lapse The elevation The map The goody bag: Medal Metal Water Bottle Banana Water (I left immediately a...