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Skye Half Marathon

The time lapse
The elevation
The route

The goody bag:

MedalBananaLocal BeerT-Shirt
Overall :

Landscape : 8/10 Nice Landscape. (Note: The island has by far a lot more impressive landscapes that can not be compared to the landscapes of the route. They are though in places where they can not be connected in a half marathon route and if such a route was designed it would be a lot more difficult to organize a successful event)
Non Repeating Route : 10/10Only 20 meters are the same.
Difficulty : 7/10 There is quite a bit of elevation. Not a lot of flat places to catch your breath.
Easy to visit : 8/10 No need for a ferry but might be difficult to find a place to stay as it is a popular destination
Easy to participate : 8/10 There is a limit or condition restricting numbers ( I think 1000).
Facilities/Organization : 10/10
Good for personal best: 4/10 No. This race is good to enjoy the landscape
Will do it again  : yes.

Benbecula Half Marathon

The time lapse



The goody bag:
Medal BananaMars Bar Post Race Lunch: (soup / sandwiches / cakes)

Open road, no headphones

Overall :
Landscape : 8/10Brilliant Landscape.Non Repeating Route : 10/10 A circle of almost half of the island.Difficulty : 7/10 Deceivingly non flat.Easy to visit : 5/10 There has to be a ferry and quite a few miles driving. It is worth it thoughEasy to participate : 9/10Not seen a limit or condition restricting numbers.Facilities/Organization 10/10More than enough for the number of runnersGood for personal best: 4/10 No. This race is good to enjoy the landscapeWill do it again  : yes.